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Megalithische Kultuur

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Megalithische Kultuur

Berichtdoor Reader » zo 21 jan , 2007 13:20

(Een Marokkaanse megalithische monument uit Mzora)

The rocks were generally considered to be holy by many pre-historical peoples, and the Berbers were not an exception. Saint Augustine mentioned that the polytheistic Africans worshipped the rocks. Apuleius mentioned too that the worshiping of the rocks existed in the second century a. C.

There are pre-histoic megatlithic construct in several North-western African sites, which are poorly known. The Phoenicians had also their megalithic sites; They called it Bethel or House of God. The megalithic monument in Mogador on the Atlantic coast is sometimes believed to have a Phoenician origin. The monument of Mzora (also spelled as Msoura) is relatively the most known Megalithic monument in Northwest Africa. It is composed of circle of megaliths surrounding a tumulus and the highest megalith is longer than 5 meters. According to the legend, the monument was the sepulchre of the mythic Libyan king Antaeus.

In the south of Casablanca, a megalithic monument has been found in 1926. The monument was perhaps mentioned with funerary inscriptions, in the Libyco-Berber script known as Tifinagh. ... ic_culture
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